We shoot people for A Living!!


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* Head Shots, Full Body, In/Outdoor
* Portraiture, kids, family
* Weddings, Bachelors/Bachelorette Parties
* Events, Clubs, Parties, Tours
* Models, Actors, Entertainers
* Erotica, Semi Nude, Glamour
* Landscaping, City, Dessert, Mountain,
* Pets, Dog, Cats, etc
* Products and more...

■SALE & DEALS: Phootshoots: Start $49
■Professional Shoots: Start $99 $125 + 3-Masters edted | $175 Includes: hair/makeup
■Advanced Professional Shoots: Start at $199 (Hottest Professionals 4 A Perfect Shoot)

*(Photo Printing Cost Varies.. Photo Printing Packages: Start $29.99 + S/H
■Package Includes: (3x sheets [8x10, 8- wallets, 2- 5x7, or 4- 3.5x5s,])
Color Correction & Free Proofing 8x10- 9up or 2011 Calendar

Video is more interactive than Photos or Choose both.

* Custom Photo SildeShow to DVD
* Inde Feature or Short Films
* Video Special Effects
* Actors Reels/ Projects
* Commercials or Ads
* Music Vidoes or Tours
* Events or Any Occasions
* Video Editing/Post Productions
* Video Transfer to HD DVD or BLURAY!!

*Events/Parties- Photog or Video: Start $59 and up (Editing Extra)
(Requries Signed Contract and Deposit of 25% to 50%)Payments: (PayPal ACCEPTED, Cash,or Money Orders)

***Pricing Subject to Change at Anytime....